RFID KeyPad Keyboard

I made a thing – it’s useful for me but probably not for you 🙂

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Build Your Own RS485 to Wifi Adapter for EPEver Solar Charge Controllers

Many EPEver solar charge controllers have an RS485 communication port on them so you can connect a PC or Android device and read it’s statistics or update the settings. Continue Reading →

Battery Evenness Tester Attempt 2

I still want to see if my battery bank discharges and charges evenly. So with version 2 of the code and a replacement module (and a theory or two about why it didn’t work last time), it’s time for a second attempt.

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Measuring Current with the ACS712

I wanted to dust off my Arduino IDE and throw some code together to test my battery bank which as usual I’ve posted on YouTube. I’m not so sure I’ve got the current measuring code quite right though.

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