Google+ comes to Apps

Posted on 28/10/2011 by Adam

Yesterday the day finally came where google released their social network Google+ to apps users. Finally I can intregrate google plus into my google life… and you can too. Go to and sign up. You shouldn’t need an invite any more either.

Apps customers need to manage their domain, and click Organisation & Users, Services, and finally turn the app on. Read and agree to the terms and you’re ready to go! You will automatically generate a circle for all your apps users in plus too.

Google are working on a tool to allow people like me who have a G+ account using their gmail account to be migrated to their apps account. No idea when this will arrive though.

For those that don’t know, google plus is a Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin hybrid service. It is in my opinion the only platform able to topple the three rivals. Every part of it allows you to give granular permissions to different groups (circles) of people, it allows you to follow celebrities and only show your boss a limited amount of info.

More info on google+ for google apps is available on this google blog

There is however just one issue.  The Google+ iPhone / iPad / iPod app doesn’t like google apps accounts at the moment.  It asks you to register with an invite.  Mobile browsing works fine however.