Hello world!

Posted on 20/10/2011 by Adam

Here we are again. Another month, another site redesign.

I’ve decided to try good old WordPress once more. I found a website created in WP with one of these lovely grid themes. It looked fantastic, and I hope I can make mine look pretty good too.

I did try google sites, I think I gave it a good shot but there was one issue which I couldn’t get round. When you post a blog (sorry “announcement”), the RSS feed always shows your full email address. Great for spammers, rubbish for me.  I searched high and low, but that’s the way it is say google.

I’ll still be using google for all my email needs, and it’s currently fullfilling all my document needs, but sadly it lacked in the website field.

WordPress is fantastic, it’s list of plugins allow people to create so much more than a blog. I’m going to archive some of the older more interesting stuff here, but throw most if it away because it was rubbish!

I will try as always to create something every month.  I might also start popping up a link to a website or something every so often.  I am also thinking about the possibility of tweeting.  People tell me it’s the future of social media, news gathering and other stuff too.  I am yet to be convinced.

One thing I have done recently is register a few more domains.  I quite like collecting domains based around my name, and at two or three quid per year, why the hell not?  I now own AdamWelch.Co.Uk, AdamWelch.Com, ADWelch.Co.Uk, AdamW.Co.Uk and AdamW.Eu.  The latter of which I am using as a short URL server for facebook and (possibly) twitter.  The service also allows me to automate a ‘tweet’ in the event of a blog post here.

After being dead against social networking site in recent years, I have joined facebook and I’m on Google+ too (although I’m still waiting for google to pull their finger out and get plus working for google apps rather than normal google accounts).  I’ve also installed a plugin here so you can easily share my useless ramblings.  So why not pick the icon of your favourite site below, and share me with all your friends?

Whether any of this is going to motivate me to update more, is another matter!