Just Text Giving

Just Text Giving

Posted on 06/11/2011 by Adam

I’ve just seen an advert on tv for Vodafones Just Text Giving (justtextgiving.com) and after looking into it for a few minutes, I’m really impressed.

Some of my friends and work mates over the years have sent me links in emails to their just giving site when they have been running a marathon or abseiling down a building. I’ll be honest, I’m always in two minds about pledging. Not because I don’t think the activity they are undertaking is not worth a few quid, and not because the charities don’t need supporting, but rather because of justgiving.com.

Just Giving is a privately owned profitable company who happily take 5% of your donation. They explain that their tools in fact save charities money, by not having to do the admin themselves, which undoubtedly does generate a cost. What irritates me is, although this information is on their site, they don’t publicise it all that well on their pledging pages. They do make it clear that card charges will reduce your donation, they don’t explain that from Charlie Simpsons amazing appeal for Haiti, (which would never have got the worlds eyes (and wallets) engaged without the use of Just Giving) from the fantastic £210,000 raised, Just Giving walked away with over £10,000. Quite a bit of admin that.

After watching Vodafones advert I was sceptical, however when I looked into it further, Vodafone claim 100% of the pledged money goes to your chosen cause or charity. Not only that, your texts are free and don’t come out of your bundle. They’ve also made a facility to allow gift aid on your donation, increasing British tax payers donations by 25%. Well done Vodafone.

My only criticism is that the charity has to wait between 45 and 135(!) days before getting their cash.

So the surprising thing is that this is a joint venture by Just Giving and Vodafone. Wether this means that JG are changing their ways, or big old Vodafone have made them an offer they can’t refuse, time will tell. In the mean time, when your acquaintance decides to cartwheel from Lands End to John O’Groats and sets up a JG page. Whizz them a quick email and suggest a text short code too!

Just one question remains. If people text swim36 £3 to 70070, where does the three quid go?