RFID KeyPad Keyboard

I made a thing – it’s useful for me but probably not for you 🙂

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Measuring Current with the ACS712

I wanted to dust off my Arduino IDE and throw some code together to test my battery bank which as usual I’ve posted on YouTube. I’m not so sure I’ve got the current measuring code quite right though.

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ESP8266 PWM High Power LED Dimmer

I was grateful to receive a package in the post from one of my subscribers. It contained everything I needed to build an LED PWM Dimmer circuit using an ESP8266-ESP01.

I used some code from Sparkfun as the basis of the code below and just made a few changes so that I could dim the LED rather than just turn it on and off.

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Constant Current DC Load Part 6

This version of the code is working – it does however need improving. The analog value readings are a little off.

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Constant Current DC Load Part 3

Below is the code for the early version of my arduino constant current load – it is worth noting this isn’t a working version as yet.

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Lithium Ion 18650 Battery Capacity Checker

I created this fairly simple circuit and Arduino sketch to check the labeled capacity of Lithium Ion 18650 batteries. It could easily be adapted to other types of batteries and discharge more than one battery at a time. If you power your arduino from a computer and monitor the serial port you can obtain results as it goes along and create pretty graphs of the results. http://admw.uk/iB

The Code…
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ATTiny85 PWM Solar Charge Controller

After receiving Julian’s comment on my first Arduino solar charge controller Youtube video I’ve been thinking of ways to reduce the power consumption, but after a fair bit of reading (and a bit of guessing) I’ve been able to come up with a working prototype. In the video below I look at the code, how to program ATTinys and the trade offs that come with reducing power consumption.

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Maplin 3D Xmas Tree Build – Fail

I attempted to build a fairly simple electronics kit to decorate the solar shed for Christmas. It’s a simple Astable Multivibrator based circuit which I couldn’t manage to get working as it should. Never fear – add a microcontroller and we’ll get those leds to flash! The code for this project is further down the page:

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Arduino PWM Solar Charge Controller

After building the Arduino based solar charge controller designed bu Julian Ilett of 256.uk and laid out by the person behind arduined.eu I thought I’d like to look again at this project.

I’d had comments from people nervous about the soldering – which I too struggled with.  So many components in such a small space made it tricky.  I wondered if I could redesign the circuit board to make it a little easier.  I also wondered if I could reduce the number of components used in the design.

I came up with this version:

arduino pwm charge controller v2 veroboard v3
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Arduino Voltmeter Clock

As soon as a saw other peoples versions of this clock I knew I wanted to make my own. Using a Arduino Pro Mini (clone) a DS1307 RTC module and three 5 volt  voltmeters I was able to complete the following project in an afternoon.

I now just need to build it into a suitable enclosure.

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