DNS Issues

My name server host has been down this afternoon.  I was trying a small unknown company who had four servers around the world, but were based in Russia.  I’ve come back to good old blighty, in the mean time.

Hello world!

Here we are again. Another month, another site redesign.

I’ve decided to try good old WordPress once more. I found a website created in WP with one of these lovely grid themes. It looked fantastic, and I hope I can make mine look pretty good too.

I did try google sites, I think I gave it a good shot but there was one issue which I couldn’t get round. When you post a blog (sorry “announcement”), the RSS feed always shows your full email address. Great for spammers, rubbish for me.  I searched high and low, but that’s the way it is say google.

I’ll still be using google for all my email needs, and it’s currently fullfilling all my document needs, but sadly it lacked in the website field.

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