My own twitpic

I thought I’d expand on my earlier post about twittering and talk a bit more about my twitpic replacement. I’ll probably talk about my short URL service at some point too. I’ve only recently started tweeting. I’m still not sure if I’ll be doing it for very long with only a handful of followers, but I’ve started never the less.

After following a few of the bigger twitter names (@rickygervais, @Lord_Sugar and of cause @stephenfry) I noticed they would often upload a picture to attach to their tweets. They mainly used services such as lockerz, twitter own image host (in partnership with PhotoBucket) and Twitpic. But when I looked into it, a lot of these image hosting services took the copyright of the image when you uploaded it. Or at least granted themselves rights to sell the image. Those that don’t do it now, may well do it tomorrow, because many of these companies change their T&Cs with little or no warning. Continue Reading →